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How To Join

How To Join

Just Interested?
Come along to a session and watch, and ask as many questions as you like.

Want to Start?
If it is your first time on a Martial Arts mat wear some loose clothing and turn up and introduce yourself. You will be asked to fill in an insurance form, and you are covered by us for the first two weeks. After than you will need to apply for a licence which lasts a year; Juniors £15, Seniors £25.

The First Night of Training is FREE.

Everything will be explained about what to do, and soon you will pick up the rules and etiquette of the Dojo.

Done Something Before?
If you have a GI (suit) bring it along, but please wear a white belt. Tell us about your style or experience – we may want to borrow something from it!

Doing Jitsu Elsewhere \ Returning to Jitsu \ Just Passing Through
No need to tell you anything, except we hope you have a good session and learn something new.

Information for New Members

New members normally feel a bit awkward and unsure if they can’t do the techniques at the beginning. They soon find out that they are learning something and are able to deal with someone attacking them no matter what their size weight or strength.

We call the training area the Dojo. The first thing you will see is people bowing when they enter the area – this is a sign of respect for the Dojo and the people in it.

You will see the mat. This is made up of large sections of foam covered with a tough fabric. Each sections costs around £90. The Mat is very well respected and treated with care. Even though it is treated carefully, it still suffers wear and tear over time.

On the mat will be Jitsu players of various grades. Before you may go on the mat, you must seek the permission of the highest grade. The grading system is as follows:

3rd Dan
2nd Dan
1st Dan
Black Belt
1st Kyu Brown Belt 5th Kyu Green Belt
2nd Kyu Dark Blue Belt 6th Kyu Orange Belt
3rd Kyu Light Blue Belt 7th Kyu Yellow Belt
4th Kyu Purple Belt Novice White Belt

Yellow and orange belts have stripes on them or Mons these are awarded when the recipient has excelled more than what is required for the coloured belt and goes from one to three. The yellow belts mons are orange denoting the recipient is heading toward the orange belt. On the orange belt they are green.

When all players line up, the Instructors or Senseis line up on one side of the mat. They wear a black type trouser skirt called a Hackama. Any other type of clothing denotes a more senior grade. On the other side, the other players line up in grade order. The highest grade is always on your right hand side.

When everyone is ready the senior instructor calls out various instructions and everyone kneels and Reis or Bows to the opposite line. The training then begins.

We have a very lively Junior Club made up of boys and girls from the age of six onwards. They are taught self defence techniques which are useful and affective against any assailant or bully.