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Ground Work

The aims at a high level are:

– Demonstrate a stronger understanding of moving from one position to another whilst maintaining control.

– Demonstrate a stronger understanding of basic concepts such as maintaining and taking base at balance.

– Demonstrate a greater understanding of certain set pieces and why they exist as set pieces.

syllabus entries

Working with and/or taking the base
when someone opposite in standard kneeling (one knee down position), grab leg to stop partner maintaining a good base
Grab arm if partner puts arm down to stop partner maintianing a good base
Two-person hand-grabbing exercise from push up position

Getting into Mune Gatame (side control)

Move out of way of lunge
Grab head and arm and jump back for on-top control, pin arms at armpit, move to side maintaining an on-top position, take far libs (arm and knee) from underneath and push with body

Getting into Tate Shiho Gatame (the mount)

From Mune Gatame (side control), on Uke’s right side, tori moves left hip in towards Uke’s right hip, maintaining control.
Uke to raise legs to stop Tori getting Tate Shiho Gatame. Tori to maintian control and move right leg over Uke when ready, and only then, to move into tate Shiho Gatame.

Countering Tate Shiho Gatame (the mount)

1. take both limbs on one side (foot with foot, arm with arm), bridge and then drop leg to turn
2. Dynamic bridging and simultaneous thrusting on lower abdomen (no straight arms) whilst grabbing one of the balancing arms

Use of base when defending Tate Shiho Gatame

Tori has Tate Shiho Gatame – 2 knees out wide ond/or 1 knee down and 1 foot down, 1 and/or 2 hands out wide
Uke to move and try to throw Tori off, Tori to demonstrate understanding of base by staying on
Notes: Ability to move hands, feet and knees to maintain balance. Do not let Uke grab arms to turn over Tori (Uke must try)

Ude Garame from Tate Shiho Gatame

Tori has opponent in Tate Shiho Gatame,
Tori traps one of Uke’s arms into an Ude Garame position and applies Ude Garame shifting weight and raising target arm (and bringing towards Uke’s hip)

Juji Gatame from Tate Shiho Gatame

Tori has opponent in Tate Shiho Gatame,
Tori encourages Uke to grab a lapel, perhaps to go for a choke (or from any occasion when Uke has either arm straight). Tori will target that straight arm.
Tori places closest hand to target arm on Uke’s throat/ upper chest (outside target arm) and Tori’s other arm goes into middle of Uke’s chest.
Tori takes all of his/her own weight onto his/her arms and swings a leg (on same side as target arm) over Uke’s face lying down into Juji Gatame.

Getting into the guard

if partner manages to take you balance backwards so that they may get a dominant position, lie on back and place both legs around partner’s midriff controlling their ability to move with your legs
Note: Keep control of partner by holding their arms and/or and arm and lapel/neck.

Countering the guard

From being held in the guard, Tori will break free from guard and get Mune Gatame (side control).
Tori places hands on Uke’s abdomen and uses elbows against inner thighs to put one of Uke’s knees onto the floor. At this point Tori Places one knee over Uke’s Knee on floor, keeping foot behind trapping Uke’s leg so that Uke cannot get Tori inot half guard.
Tori then lies close onto Uke and wriggles other leg free (given that Uke is trying to keep it trapped with one leg only)
One that leg is freed the Tori must move that leg across the top and back of the other leg (which, at this point, is still trapping one of Uke’s legs.) Once that leg has crossed pover Tori’s first leg the Tori can realease first leg and move into Mune Gatame

Getting behind, use of ‘hooks’ and shime waza

Uke is on all fours being defensive.
1. Tori immediately jumps behind Uke and places feet (hooks) inside Uke’s hips, grabs lapels to go for a strangle and pushes Uke’s hips back forcing Uke onto floor into uncomfortable position whilst applying a strangle and. Care must be taken with Uke’s face.
2. Tori immediately jumps behind Uke and places feet (Hooks) inside Uke’s hips, grabs lapels to go for a strangle and rolls to once side to turn Uke over. Tori demonstrates an understanding of ‘use of hooks’ by usinf feet to keep Uke in that same position for as long as possible whilst trying to apply the strangle.

Countering ‘Turtle’

Uke is face down, flat on floor, holding collar, legs together resisting being picked up by Tori.
Tori uses back of collar and belt to dynamically pick up Uke whilst shifting both feet under Uke’s hips. care must be taken ton to damage one’s own feet/toes.
At this point Tori can pick up uke’s head via collar, place hand into Uke’s collar as if going for a choke/strange and rol over into his/her back to work towards a strangle

Demonstration of understanding of grappling concepts

Moving from technique to technique without losing control usting kata Take Uke forward, move to side, turn over, into Tate Shiho Gatame, into Juji Gatame
Fall into Guard, turn Uke over inot Tate Shiho Gatame, into Juji Gatame

Maintaining position of strength untill moving to a submission position
Jump behind Uke, take Uke back (go onto your own back), use ‘hooks’, apply naked strangle

Selection of the above techniques (3rd and 2nd Kyu) applied smoothly