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Jitsu is a martial art for Juniors & Adults…

If you are looking for a Martial Art that will give you the skills and ability to defend yourself then you have come to the right place!
Crowborough Jitsu club uses techniques based on the principal of using an attacker’s energy and balance to their own demise.  Jitsu comprises a system of throws, joint locks and strikes to defend yourself in aggressive situations,  ranging from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault. As strength or size isn’t a factor in our style Jitsu is designed to be for all, men women & children.

Jitsu is a great way to build your confidence, make friends, get fit & learn to defend yourself.

We have two sessions a week for juniors and two sessions a week for seniors

Our not for profit club has been running for over fifteen years and we are affiliated to The Jitsu Foundation (TJF Ltd) and the British Ju-Jitsu Association [GB].

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A great video demonstrating one of our sessions! Kindly filmed and edited by Ed from Adventure Dog Productions taken in april 2015

Fancy giving Jitsu a go?


Great! Your first lesson is free! We run junior and senior sessions once a week on Thursdays at our Rotherfield dojo

If it is your first time on a Martial Arts mat wear some loose clothing (tacksuit bottoms and t-shirt is fine) then turn up on one of our traning sessions and introduce yourself.
If you have done some martial arts before bring your  GI (suit) bring it along, but please wear a white belt. Tell us about your style or experience – we may want to borrow something from it!

You will be asked to fill in an insurance form, and you are covered by us for the first two weeks. After than you will need to apply for a licence which lasts a year; Juniors £15, Seniors £25.

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Our venue…


Rotherfield Dojo

Every Thursday

Juniors 6.30pm-7:45 £6 per session or £20 per month

Seniors 7:45pm-9:30 £6 Per session or £20 per month

Juniors & Seniors Taught by Sensei James Taylor & Sensei John Harquail

Rotherfield Village Hall
North Street, Rotherfield, East Sussex TN6 3LX



Our Senseis…






Sensei James taylor